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Friday, 29 July 2011

Army Review: Tomb Kings

Hi Guys, Sorry It's late didn't get back until 10 at which point I was knackered. The Reason I wasn't back until 10, I was trying out tomb kings. While I only played a single game with them, I learned several things about the army, which I'm going to share with you.


Tomb Kings are a weak but very horde army. Their strength comes from lots of models that don't that too well, die but don't stay dead. Their method for taking stuff down can be described as "death by a thousand cuts". Their ability to keep coming back makes most of the units very good at slowing elite units down. They are also characterised by their units of chariots and horsemen, while the chariots arent as powerful s before, they are still very powerful and are also core choices, so you could (in theory) have an army of chariots.


Their movement is rather standard, with the average movement being 4. However, as they have access to lots of cheap horsemen, chariots, flying necrosphinx, stalkers, necropolis knights and tomb scorpions. They can either move great distances or in 40k terms, "deep strike". A Curious limiting factor is the fact that they can never march. But to get around this, you have a spell called desert wind, it allows you to move again in the magic phase, and for stuff like archers, they can still fire (with no penalties thanks for Arrows of Asaph). This makes them very mixed in terms of army building and movement.


This is where tomb kings get their power and driving force, if it wasn't for magic, the army would be so bottom tier that nobody would use them. The Liche Priests allow you to: A) bring your units back (absolutly vital), B) let you get around not being able to march and C) allows you to churn out more attacks and release more shots from bowmen. Also, it is compolsary to have a liche priest., making it a heirophant. As opposed to the Vampire counts, Tomb kings power isnt all rolled into a single model. For Tomb kings you have your tomb king, the general, and the liche priest, who resurrects your army (giving you a 6+ regeneration save on your unit he joined). Don't knock Tomb Kings magic because its powerful.


On the Face of it. Tomb Kings are rather bad at shooting, being almost totally BS2. However, they have a certain blessing called arrows of asaph, meaning tat they never suffer penalties (or bonus's) to hit. Just so you know it is to hit, not BS. Their shooting basically relies on numbers, I tried them and the average was about 12 out of 32. Its probably why they give us High Queen Khalidia and the righteous smiting spell.


Like shooting, Combat works sheerly through weight of numbers. Don't expect them to win combat, just expect them to stay put with a liche priest constantly bringing them back. While your opponent loses like 2-3 models per round and suffer the annoyance of staying dead when their stabbed.

Overall, a good army, but not for the beginner. I couldn't easily get to grips with it. But then, it was my first tomb kings army and I didn't have any horsemen or chariots. So I may of just made my list badly.

Thanks for reading.
Dark Artisan.

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