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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Question Day: What do you do while you paint?

Heres a new feature I'm hoping to do every Wednesday; Question day!

Now this isn't really supposed to be really big or anything, basically, I ask a question and you stick your answers in the comments section.

My answer to the question is usually put a film on or listen to music. The Music is usually a track by Gorillaz. The Film on the other hand depends on what I'm painting, if I'm doing Dark Eldar (non Haemonculi) I may watch a martial arts film, or maybe one of the Saw films (Haemonculi). However if its warriors of chaos, it might be 300, or for tomb kings, you can't go far wrong with The mummy.

But what about you? What do you do while you paint?

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  1. I usually put on things like youtube battle reports or warhammer podcasts. Mainly the podcasts so I can listen and not get distracted by the pretty models on the screen haha.