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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Finally got some new paints!

Hi guys. Got my new gw paints yesterday and did some pictures for the blog. I've also decided to give a small review on the texture paints.


Use: The texture paints are supposed to be used to easilly base models, however It doesnt make it faster, easier, cheaper or even more customisable. Instead I feel it would be better to weathering tanks or (in the case of mourn mountin snow) to add to an already sanded and painted base. Now into the nitty gritty of it all.

Use: 3/5. It's undeniably useful but not for the reason they're suggesting. As stated erlier your better off sanding your armies bases and (if your army is something like imperial guard, orks or space marines) applying mud to the tracks / feet of your vehicles. I have seen some other applications that people have spoken about, such as getting lots of it to texture buildings although again you could just mix sand and paint because you get so little you would have to buy at least 3 pots to base a fantasy army (and thats an elite one) as each pot will do between 25-50 small 20mm or 25mm bases.

Ease: 2/5. Unless you slap it on with a trowell you have a very real chance of leaving lots of gaps with no texture, making it look like you've just painted them brown to skimp on basing properly before a tournament. However, you can always cover these up by glueing grass/snow/wood/rocks to the gaps like people sometimes do to cover drybrushing mistakes on bases.

Customisation: 4/5. This one is its only real advantage over sanding. Unlike normal sand, the paint doesn't absorb the colour and make it dull. This means its easier to paint it a bright colour (so all you retro fans can enjoy your goblin green bases) and (which is a bonus) you can now do a wash without the sand absorbing all the wash and showing minimal results. The Ability to apply washes is good for one reason, it gives more eo textured areas, making the grains stand out. sadly this alsocomes with a disadvantage, as by showing areas with texture, it also shows areas with no texture, but like stated above you can apply some form of flock to cover these basing gaps.

Cost: 2/5. This is a very expensive way to base an army. Unless you were basing your army with gold shavings beforehand, I would say your going to see that itll be very expensive to base this way. £2.30 a pot bases between 25-50 models at 20mm or 25mm base size. Now if your basing something like grey knights you may just get away with only one pot of the stuff, but thats only if you shy away from large based models like the stormblebee or the dreadknight (or papoose droid as I refer to it as). Anything like skaven, ogres, vampires, tyranids, imperial guard, and any other army that need more than 50 models to make 2000 pts that my brain cant think of, will cost you an absolute fortune to base.

Asthetics: 4/5. I'm not saying about in the pot, beacsue in the pot its a really old paint. However on the base, when its dry it looks like you've done an even paintjob onto sand (which I find infuriatingly hard as the sand absorbs the liquid paint). With 1 drybrush, a wash and some flock it looks amazing and in some cases looks better than paintjobs done with normal sand. Look below for proof, the one on the left is a spare base painted in blackfire earth, drybrushed with belached bone and washed with agrax earthshade, before having scorched grass glued to the surface, while the other one is the base of a model older than me painted (admittedly) a couple of years ago. Which is better?

Overall: 3/5. Nice product idea, certainly an improvement on not having any textured paint. However its not the best in the world and I will still paint the base with glue, stick it in sand and work from there instead of using it. I feel like they missed an oppitunity by not creating realistic gritty blood for chainswords and not having paint on rust for vehicles and necrons. Still good though.

Anyway heres some new pictures of my warriors of chaos commission. Knights, warriors and the chosen.


Still some WIP to go but I hope you like it,
Dark Artisan

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