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Monday, 16 April 2012

Lords, horses and shaggaoths (and a random scraplauncher)

Hi Guys, just thought Id share some pictures, apologies for the delays.

I've got pictures for the games day chaos lord from 2009, the daemonic mount for a chaos lord (the lord is still being painted) and a dragon ogre shaggaoth (still WIP and I cant spell its name).


Now heres something that I've been working on, its a scraplauncher. I've created this out of bits of wood, resin frame parts, rat ogre bits, a spare monster base and leftover parts / gnoblars from the scraplauncher / ironblaster frame. I recently brought an ironblaster kit to create an ironblaster and I wanted to make a scraplauncher (not that I use them but its another model that if need be I can sell). Pretty basic but I'm happy with it, but what do you think?

He isn't happy to be in slavery, how long before he turns... 

Poor Gnoblar. He has to repair the launcher, although he hits his hand more than the nails.

 Scrap collector for the launcher, hes been busy and has been rewarded with a chicken leg.

the dudes who pull the cup down to fill it, pretty basic. 

The spotter / leader / rat ogre abuser of the scraplauncher, I'm not sure if he looks more like hes saying fire after spotting an enemy or hes going to throw his scope at the rat ogre to make him go faster. 

 This gnoblar is / was the loader, but the lads got irritated with him and hes been fired...into the enemy.

The Gnoblars put excessive scrap into the chest (although the collector hasn't been doing his bit that much lately) 

"Santa, do you have anything for me on your sleigh?" Good news is he probably does, bad news is, its not Santa's sleigh and it'll be fired at you.

Hope you Like them,
Dark Artisan

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