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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Lizardmen again, High elves, and a new website

Hi Guys,
Still here and I've been getting on with stuff, mainly commissions and getting ready for school again.

First things first:

My website's URL has changed somewhat, as I needed to update the domain I decided to take on board a bit of advice given to me by 40k radio (I got a shout out from them in early December) to shorten the name up so its more memorable. its now just www.darkartisan.co.uk.

Note: After my blogspot problems had cleared I edited this post to include all the pictures.


Lizards! So many Lizards!

I've finished painting lizardmen (and the beastmen minotaur), Heres the pics!


High elves.

Only got 15 models done so far but thats what the army's scheme will be.


I'm trying a new way to shade white, using Drakenhof Nightshade, Not quite sure if I like how its doing though.


Dark artisan

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