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Monday 24 September 2012

Games Day 2012 Review and Pics.

Hi Guys, got back from games day 2012, perhaps the best games day yet!

Golden Daemon was amazing as ever, each one of the pieces made me both feel inspired to get better at painting and made me feel inadequate at my current level (but we all need something to aspire to). The Gaming Tables were epic as ever and ingenious, the conversion competition was well organized and full of frames. Sadly the scenery area wasn't as good as last year, simply being the battlefield objectives frames and cardboard, as opposed to last year where it was the fulcrum sets, moonscape craters and garden of moor sets. But hey ho I still enjoyed it.

A good improvement was that the sales areas were well done, instead of Black libary, forge world and GW being a small stand among the Golden daemon stands and conversion competition, it was a whole venue hall arrayed like a shopping center. You simply queued to get in (though thankfully the line moved at a very fast pace), got a basket, grabbed what you wanted from the stalls and made your way to the 20 checkouts (the only way to get out of there so that nobody could steal stuff). The Forge world area still had a line but it was well ordered and, to reduce the lines, there was another area far away to pick up reservations. Again this stopped "the running of the bulls", as its now known from trampling anybody at the forge world area.

Anyway I'd say this is a massive improvement from last year.

Enjoy the Pics!

Dark Artisan


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