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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Fear of rats, tired eyes, Astral knights and Psychokinetic Studies

Hi Guys. Just posting before i fall asleep on my keyboard. Its Quite a random post and it might be boring but you might find it to be an interesting read, and if not, you can look at a chaos warrior I painted a few years ago. I would of posted this earlier but I've been busy with stuff. Among other things, the stuff I've done today Includes:

Fear of Rats:

I briefly mentioned this last Wednesday. This is my Golden Daemon entry, and I've just started on it. I don't mean to reveal too much but Fear of rats is a diorama involving a skaven warlord, rocks and a rather scared peasant. I will reveal more when we get closer to the 25th of september. Watch this space...

Tired Eyes:

Didn't sleep last night, sigh. Lets hope I can get to sleep tonight. That was random.

Astral Knights:

Some people may have heard of the astral knights. A Space marine Fleet chapter who sacrificed themselves to destroy the Necron World Engine (a lot like the Death Star from Star wars). I like their concept, and have decided to paint up a couple space marines in that scheme. Sadly, there isn't a scheme, a few people (warflake included)  have said they probably look like the sable swords. Which is a fair bet. Now, where did I put those space marines...

Psychokinetic Studies:

This is a little hobby of mine. From an early age, I was interested in the power of the mind. I fascinated me that people were, I guess you could say, suggested, that people (everybody, apparently its a lost ability) had the ability to move objects without touching them, read minds, communicate with the dead and set things alight with a thought. Often I read up on this. So far I am nether in total disbelief of it or total conviction in its existence. I think the ones who do it as a stage act (Yuri Gellar, Derran Brown Derrick Accorah and numerous others) are big fakes. But I do believe there are a few of these miraculous people have unlocked it and have either kept quiet or been driven mad by it (and been forced into asylums or in shacks on lonely hills). I have decided that one of the things I will do in my life is prove, once and for all, weather these abilities are real, or just a load of rubbish.

To hell with it, here's a picture of a Model I painted a while back:

Until I get some more stuff photographed, All I got left is a chaos warrior, I promise Ill try to get some more models photographed:

Thank you and Goodnight.
Dark Artisan

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  1. The Astral Knights are really an interesting case.
    I would really like to see your effort. Maybe ake your own scheme with elements of the Sable Swords incorporated. That would be interesting.