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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Tacticia Day: Skavenslaves fodder

Hi Guys. I'm back. I'm just going tod a quick tactic of sorts about skavensalves.


Its Simple really. 2 Long thin blocks of 50 skaven slaves or one really long block of 100 skaven slaves. this costs about 200 pts without command units.

Set up:

Set up your very long and thin slave blocks in front of your whole army. Therefore you shield them from harm. You need them to hit a unit and fail combat to die and drag down with them due to the cornered rat special rule. After that, the weakened units should be easy prey for your army.

Watch out for:

The Shield wall is good however make sure you don't totally block the battleline, because you may find yourselves trapped behind your own shield. Usually people say watch out for shooting they can take your big unit apart. Well, you need them to hit a unit and fail combat to die and drag down with them. So your main worry is surviving combat, if your locked in a stalemate combat and you have stormvermin hiding behind it, your in trouble.

Sorry Its not more but Im too tired to think.
Thanks for reading,
Dark Artisan.

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