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Saturday, 16 July 2011

First Listing Put up on Ebay!

Hi Guys, its me again. I just put up my first ebay Listing! This one is for A Tomb Kings Liche Priest, but more are coming up very shortly!

Here's the Link:

I've put a load of info on the listing, if you buy this, read it first.

Ill just say this, It's not just the mini your buying, its also my pro painting service. I paint the model in your colours, and send it to you.

Also, the price is that much because A) I have to buy the model and B) my time is limited so any free time I have will be spent painting (I know, all work and no play makes Dark Artisan a dull boy!)

I'm not bigging myself up or anything, but the models look better in real life than in the photos.

Hope you like the model, if you buy it will be my first commission job. You wont regret doing business with me.
Dark Artisan

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