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Sunday, 17 July 2011

New armies, how do I pick?

New armies, new armies. *sigh*. theres a hard decision that I (and almost everybody else in the hobby) go through a lot. well right now I'm in exactly the same situation. I want to collect a new warhammer fantasy army and I don't now what to collect next.

Its not totally in the dark, I know some things about what I want in a new army:

  • Not green (Orks kind of drained me of the want for anything greenskin)
  • Has to be Good at shooting and magic.
  • Can't be dark elves or Warriors of chaos (already Collect them)

I had A few considerations in the form of :

  • Tomb Kings Due to shooting and Magic (and Shiny undead Toy Syndrome).
  • Daemons of Chaos using Pink horrors of Tzeentch coupled with Bloodletters of Khorne (combat with magic and shooting).
  • High elves (I can get an army rather cheaply thanks to island of blood and it encompasses most of the things I want from an army (good shooting and magic)).
  • Skaven (Once again, getting an army is cheap thanks to Island of Blood and lots of cheap magic users and weapon teams).
  • Empire (I can get lots of cheap magic and shooting power is second only to dwarves).
  • Lizardmen (Slann are unmatched when it comes to magic and shooting from skinks is very powerful and reliable, if short ranged).
  • Wood Elves (a lot of shooting in the army and magic is powerful).

So thats my choice, what do I pick?
Dark Artisan

1 comment:

  1. If I were to choose I would go with either Tomb Kings or Skaven.

    Those two basically because undeads not up there and that would be my first choice if I were to switch over to fantasy but those two would be my second and third.

    But as I have no knowledge of the game don't listen to me haha. I'm going with the ones I think look coolest.