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Monday, 11 July 2011

My Dark Eldar Mini Pictures

This may not suprise you, given my name, but I collect dark eldar as my prime 40k army. I'm not one of those people who were dragged in by the stunclaw of shiny toy syndrome, I had always said, "When dark eldar get re-released  I'm buying them regardless of gameplay effectiveness, I'm collecting that army".

So I did, and Now I'm hooked on these spiky, evil, soul drinking monsters. And as such I have created an army of about 2000 pts. Now, the Reason This was started was to drag more money in to grow all my armies up to apocalypse size (at least 3000).

I'm going to show you examples of my Dark Eldar models, these are all classed as "basic level paintjob with extra colours. Just remember it's that quality for my own army, any commission work will be a bit better quality, but you can just take this as "Dark Artisan's Commission quality".

More Will be posted soon, Like my tomb kings, my Dark elves and my warriors of chaos.

If You want me specify more about my Commission Work, Post A comment below or Email me on dark_artisan@hotmail.co.uk.

1 comment:

  1. Might be 'basic' but it looks great.
    Your basic is my best haha.