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Welcome to the dark depths of Comorragh, I am here at your will to paint your models.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Welcome To My Blog; Dark Artisan Painting!

Hi everyone! I'm The Dark Artisan and this is the Launch of my Shiny New Blog (and to an extent, my POD business)! I'm going to be updating this very often (more than 4 a week, less than daily) So come back often to see what's new!

Now thatmy greetings are sorted, I'm going to tell you why I created This Blog, and its simple really: To kick start my Painting On demand (or POD) Service. A While back I lost my job and so I needed to get a new one, and AS I learned from my dad, "You should do what you enjoy if possible" so I decided to start trying out Painting On Demand (POD). Now, while I haven't done either Commission Work or created a blog, we all got to start sometime, and this is my time to start. I will be showcasing my own models as examples of my work (although it will be better quality that my basic army quality).

Although This has ben started to "advertise" my Buisness, I won't just be saying about trying to push my commission on to people, I will also be giving tactic advice, review's on units in army books and codices, telling you any and all rumours I find and much more.

Anyway, This is my blog, and if You want me specify more about my Commission Work, Post A Topc below or Email me on dark_artisan@hotmail.co.uk

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