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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Tacticia Day: Tomb Kings Augmented Archers of Khalidia

Hi guys, Dark Artisan here with a new tactic. This Time, basing on Tomb Kings. Now, I know the whole archers and Khilidia combo is a very common one, but this time, I'm going to up the power of this as well.

Before I strt the post, I will just save people commenting, I can't spell her name, just bear with me on this one.

So, onwards!:


Ok most of this tactic is quite simle, get a big unit of skeleton archers, at least 30 (180 pts for 30/60 shots) but you should reach for 50 (300 pts for 50/100 shots, yes!) if possible. Then Take the high queen Khalidia (365 pts), she isn't cheap but she has Blessings of Asaph, which is basically the shooting version of My will be done, the standard tomb king rule. On top of that, get a standard Liche Priest and upgrade it to level 2 for this your hoping to get righteous smiting and desert wind. Keep them all in one unit.

Set up:

With all of them In one Unit, set them up so they are directly in front of a horde, or failing that in front of multiple units so you can decide which unit you fire at. In the movement phase try to get them within their 24" range, magic can help with that. In the Magic Phase, cast rigorous smiting. Throw as many dice as you can but don't get irresistible force or your golden goose loses its little jewel. If your not within 24" though, don't bother and just cast Desert wind to move within range, if you get into range then cast it, don't cast if your not in range. When The shooting phase comes. Start rolling the dice, cause you'll have 100 shots at BS4 with no penalties to hit. As most hordes are low cost, low save spearmen, there isnt much chance for the unit you traget. There's only so many 5+ saves you can make after all.

Watch out for:

Irresistable force. Sure your extra shot spell might get through, but remember, if half your unit is blown up by the backlash, its not much good. Another thing to remember is characters and shooters who can pick characters out of units. If the High Queen Dies, your left with 50 archers firing 100 shots at BS2, which is a lot harder to do, where statistically (presuming your unit is 50 strong and your wizard is alive) your getting 33 hits as opposed to 50. Every point adds up.

Lets recap:


50 Archers, the high queen and a level 2 liche priest. All in 1 unit. cast righteous smiting and desert wind (only desert wind if needed to get into range). Then youve got 100 shots as BS4. No horde will survive.

Useful Against:

  • Hordes (low armour save, lots of bodies, yes)
  • Monsters (a bit of overkill, but in storm of magic, if there is a 250-500 pts monster, this should get rid of it. Pts are pts after all)

Watch Out for:

  • Snipers (magic falls under this as well, anything that takes out the high queen kind of ruins the tactic).
  • Big flying monsters hitting you in the side (chimera).
  • Irresistable force (you can't fire your bow if yor wizard have blown half your unit apart with himself).

Thanks for reading,
Dark Artisan.

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