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Monday, 25 July 2011

6th Edition, Salvation or Destruction?

Hi Guys, This is just quick, but Ive been looking at some of the rumours floating over the net.and one that I was most torn by were the 6th ed rumours. Basically, if they are true, this could pretty much save or doom 40k forever. Such as the proposed fluff change. The 2 rulesets. The start of the xenos rule.

Well some things I'm not torn on at all. Such as pushing the fluff into M42 instead of leaving it hanging on to the ass end of M41 and the fact that they are trying to bring White dwarf back to the hobby (with battle reports, conversions workshops, painting showcases and the like) and taking a lot of the whole BUY THE NEW SHINY THING NOW! angle that alot of people (myself included) have noticed about the magazine.

I found all this on Faeit 212, I'l post some of the stuff I thought mentioned saying about, here's the link and just remember, take with salt:

  • White Dwarf goes back to the good old days including chapter approved armies, more painting and converting and less advertising. A lot more codex's are going to start life as chapter approvd as a wy to beta test their new codex's, sisters being the "poster child" for this.
  • Imperium is no longer top dog, Chaos and Xeno's turn now, space marines are apparently being moved from the main poster child and now its Eldar's turn, I personally doubt this, I think they will bring a few poster children in, possibly Eldar, Space Marine, Orks and Imperial Guard.
  • Fluff Changes, or rather, were leaving the M41 finally, now we are going into M42 after years of being stood at 23:59 on December the 31st 41999. The summary of which is this, Imperium is screwed, Chaos is getting desperate, necrons are waking up faster than ever, tau are biting the Imperium in the side, and Tyranids are going for the centre of the Imperium, the Emperor. Chaos is desperate cause all 3 pose a threat to the eye of terror and chaos as a whole.
  • Matt ward is gone and so are a few greybeard board members. Things may be looking up guys.
  • The Book is apparently like the ring, its "One book to Rule the all" Direct quote here: "...It'll have ways to include Superheavies and rules for Fliers in regular games, and should errata a lot of rules in Apocalypse, past FAQ's, and past Codices to make it all fit together. It'll have updated stuff for Planetstrike, Cities of Death, etc, perhaps even to make room for more expansions in the future..."

Ill say this now, the guy said he got it from a friend of this source, so the reliability is sketchy to say the least. So take with salt.

Thanks for reading, goodnight!
Dark Artisan

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  1. Well as far as legitimacy goes I'm not taking this as fact by any means but I do find this extremely interesting and if this is true it's pretty exciting.