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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Tactica day: Entombing beneath the sands

Hey guys, its tacticia day, which means I'm going to post a tactic. Todays is tomb kings, and It involves the Stalkers, tomb scorpians and prince apophas, involving a nifty lil special rule that works in the same way as deep striking in warhammer fantasy. This one is used to eliminate war machines or lone wizards.


Generally just anything with the rule entombed beneath the sands, stalkers work perfectly due to their special shooting attack they have (seen by them and u turn to sand). This unit also has halberds, giving them a higher strength and letting them carve though their targets.


To set them up, use entombed beneath the sands. This allows them to, although not certainly, arrive where they want exactly. Most enemies have a shooting corner, with a hill or a lone tower with a qwizard, so its better to aim for these than anywhere. After that, charge em in (or stare at them, just as deadly) and volla, the enemy war machine is sand in the wind! Brilliant!

Hope this tactic helps tomb king players.
Dark Artisan.

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