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Friday, 12 August 2011

Review: dark Elves Black Ark Corsairs.

Hi, sorry Ive been a bit busy guys, but heres my review, better late than never, after all. This one is dark elves again (I know you must be sick of it, but I havent been able to try many new units) and how I did with them on thursday.

Reasons why I like them:

Because they are golden. seriously, there isn't nything you can really fault it on, model or army wise (well except for maybe the corsair cloak being attached to the back of the torso, but thats minor). They are flexible  tactically. They give you a good mental image of slave masters with whips, and they fit the theme of dark elves perfectly (lots of blades, gold hungry, slave drivers).

On the Table Top:

The Corsairs are like a cross between spearmen and witch eves, you may only be able to have frenzy if you buy a sea serpent standard, and you may not have poison, but by god, you have armour which makes you a little bit more survivable (especially against shooting, as your sea dragon gets +1 against close combat attack and +2 against everything else). Word of warning, don't take the repeater handbow, you lose an attack (as opposed to the second hand weapon), its an 8" S3 handbow and just isn't worth it, not even on dreadlords and master.

Models wise:

The Corsairs are a brilliant kit, they have lots of good points about them. Like for instance, they are a kit bashers dream, as I know a lot of people want to convert their own masters and dread lords, and they are the only source of sea dragon cloaks which people need to convert masters with sea dragon cloaks. Another good point of the kit is the multitude of swords and chains and scythes featured in the kit. Finally, as far as kit bashing goes, they have the only legs in the dark elves range that could pass as heavy armour and aren't sculpted to go on a cold one. Another reason is just the sheer multitude of detail you get in the kit.

Anyway Feel free to stick a comment below.
Dark Artisan.

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