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Friday, 26 August 2011

Thursdays Review: Spaec Marine Vindicator

Hi guys, Its me, somewhat on time, or closer than before. This one is on a unit that I really think could of had potential, but it was squandered. The Space Marine vindicator.


Its movement is alright, you can move up to 12" and still fire its big gun. Which is quite good, but in honestly, you should only move when you can move to cover, because lady luck will throw salt in your eyes, as I will describe later.


This is where it (in some ways sadly) excels. To the point that it becomes totally useless with a single weapon destroyed result. Before that though, the weapon is amazing in every way, except for range, which puts it in danger of losing its golden egg. Its S10, AP2, but only 12" range. It can bust tanks, it can trash large units or orks or guardsmen, it can instant death most characters. Its amazing.


Well its armour is all right, but its greatest downfall comes from the possibility of one shot. Something like a lascannon or meltagun, one glancing or penetrating shot can either destroy (which isn't different to normal) or weapon destroyed (shudder) taking out your main gun and rendering the whole thing next to useless. Of course you can buy more guns for it, but as the enemy chooses which guns are destroyed, its doubtful there going to let you keep the demolisher cannon and destroy a pintle mounted storm bolter, no matter how much you beg, to counter this, try to keep in cover and, if possable, stay out of gun sight, or at least in cover.

Anyway, any disagreements, stick a comment below.
Dark Artisan.

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  1. I love Vindicators. They are one of my favourite things about Space Marines. I think that for them to be effective take at least two and as I run Lysander with his bolster defences rule also helps by sticking them in cover. This is though from my extremely limited knowledge but if you disagree tell me. My Codex is my bible I read it and the rulebook religiously to try and fully understand it as much as possible haha.