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Monday, 22 August 2011

Always busy, always busy! Thursdays post late!

As Usual, Im late, and as usual, I was busy. But as usual, I am sorry.

Ill go through thursdays post.

Review Day: Space Wolves

Space wolves, a frankly underestimated army when you put it next to blood angels or dark angels, but while your armies amy have awesome new units or squads in the troops section when they should be elite, we have many (i mean many) little gems. While blood angels have troop assault marines and hand flamers/infernus pistols, we have skyclaw packs with 4 attacks each on the charge. Thats gotta be at least 1 point over blood angels, (it is because in my experience the assault marine army is really, really useless). Another sweetener comes from long fangs, "whats the matter dark angels, too ashamed of your secret to split your fire in your devastator squads?". But Im going to go though th army bit by bit.


As said, our strength doesn't lay in amazing units that arent very differant to the units they can be compred to but in special rules and little trinkets. We have a small necklace which gives us the ability to always hit on a 3+. We have a special rule that (for all blood claw offshoots) gives us +2 attacks for charging. We even have mixed ranged and assault terminator squads. Its brilliant, but theyre sadly overlooked due to the more cool stuff in ther armies, such as the master of the ravenwing for dark angels (jetbikes for space marines arent that cool) or sanguinary guard (its not the best of the best, don't pretend it is, except the jump packs the kit comes with, there cool). Also, we do have our own special units, admittedly not many, but we still do. Thunderwolf Cavalry for example. A space wolf, riding an actual wolf, how cool is that! Or fenrisian Wolves, which only cost 8 pts and can make brilliant diversions.


While they are a very combat orientated army, they are amazing at range, stuff like the fire splitting long fangs, the multitue of tanks they own, the psyker bailities can also provide some raelly nice shooting attacks that can muck up the armies day, such as living lightning. However, grey hunters and blood claws cant take heavy weapomns, not that you need em.


In combat, the space wolves steal the show, With 2 more attacks on the charge (for many units), a multitude of differant special combat weapons (frost axe springs to mind) and trinkets (wolftooth necklace), we our the top dogs (pun intended) of non codex chapters when It comes to combat. Our character and HQs can really dish out a beating, people like ragnar blackmane and Wolf lords. Another item of mention is sagas, mostly saga of the warrior born, which gives you as many extra attacks as guys you killed last turn. Amazing! Also, our 2 new and incomparable units; the thunderwolves cavalry and the fenrisian wolves, are very effective in combat.

Anyway, really sorry this is this late, feel free to hunt me on space marine bikes with a plasmagun.
Dark Artisan.

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