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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Tacticia Day: Dark Eldar army in a Haemonculis pocket; Stuff for sale

Hey Guys, what up. I've got a few items on the list. First one, is my latest tacticia, for dark eldar.

This ones for people with less money than most, as it seems that all dark eldar armies cost £35 per troops unit (unit = £18, Raider = £20.50). Luckill y a cunning mechanism exists to save money, brough out by games workshop as well, in the army book. Its called thewebway portal and it allows squads to come out of it like it was a table edge. Its brilliant, but expensive and many don't know how to use it. This is how I would use it:


1 Haemonculi, armed with a webway portal (add all you like to this set up) Basic: 85 pts.

4 Wracks, (again add what you like to this) Basic 40 pts

Give the Wracks a venom with night shields (add anything else you like here) for 65 pts

Attach the Haemonculi to the squad and stick them in the venom


When the game comes, keep anything and everything with no raider or venom transports in reserve. Fly your venom as fast as you can, don't worry about trying to shoot anything and to hell with it you have a 3+ cover save. Get the transport n prime position, disembark your squad, throw down the Webway portal, re-embark and fly to where your haemonculi can cause the most damage. You have just opened a portal behind your enemies lines, and they shouldn't be able to get away from that one so easily.

Buisness 2: Stuff for sale:

Right, I'm doing another model sale on ebay. And so you can find it and possibly (if you want to) bid, ill link ya.

Liche Priest:


I would at least like the RRP, but it depends on how much the auctions go up by.

Tomb King with Great Weapon:


I would Like this to go for at least the RRP, but I don't know if anybody will pay that.

Ork Army:

Warning, I did not paint this, I am selling this for a friend, not my work but his!


Mate wants at least £20 and he said that if it goes for £35 or more, he will throw an ork codex in the deal (mint condition, latest edition).

Cheers for reading. Sick a comment below if you have a question, or just want to write out your thoughts.
Dark Artisan.

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