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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Site changes, Games Day Uk, and a matter of debate...

Hi guys, Ive decided to post up a few bitz and bobs that I would Like to say. And I'm going to start with the most obvious...

Site changes:

First off, you may of notaced that I have changed the background on both my blog and my commission website. This is for a very simple reason; It looked bland! Seriously, a few friends saw it and they said that It looked good but it was devoid of any colour, so I knew I had to change that . Searching google for Images (I'm a painter of models not a painter of pictures), I found 2 I really liked, a kabalite Sybarite and a Wych Hekatrix, putting them on the same paint picture and making the space between black, I made my background and I set it to both of my website and my blog, as you can see. Hope you like it better than my previous one, because, lets face it, its better looking than just black.

Games Day UK, a few weeks away...

With Games day Uk only 15 days away (yes I'm counting the days down), I'm dead excited, and I fully plan to gear up for A) talking to the games designers, sculptors and painters. B) Buying a dark elves battalion and getting some forge world goodies (as well as a possible dark eldar model kit or 2. C) Entering the Golden Daemon with my Diorama "Fear of rats" Which is staying firmly under my hat until its time. and D) Nabbing loads of bitz from the scrap daemon when it ends (but you didn't hear that right?) hopefully dark elves, dark eldar and ogres. I am also stuck what army to bring, Either I take my Dark Elves army (with no monsters), Or I take my dark eldar army (which may not see the battlefield as Storm of magic will take centre stage). Which one do yo think, why not leave a comment to help me decide.

Matter of debate, are citadel washes really "Hobby Healthy"?

This was a matter of debate amongst the rolling plains of the internet about weather or not certain things are "Hobby healthy" (hobby healthy is a phrase that means weather something that makes the hobby so easy that amateurs can get good results is a good thing or not). I've decided to bring it to this blog as an irregular slot.

First up is citadel washes. Nowadays, everyone uses Citadel washes, they are quick, they are easy to apply, and they give amazing results in just 1 coat, its liquid shading! But the stuff like this, it makes the hobby too easy and eliminates the need for a lot of skill, making amateur painters washed army and the professionals painstaking shading indistinguishable. How, I think washes like badab black and devlin mud are liquid gold, but some people don't like it as, like I've said, it means that amateurs don't need to develop skills, they just dunk the right end of the brush in the wash, draw it over the model and hey presto, it looks brilliant. In some peoples eyes its just elitism. But I do in a loose sense see what they are saying. However I think the fact that the beginners can start off easy and produce decent looking armies means more people in the hobby. Whereas if washes didn't exist then the younger painters would get frustrated and switch off.

But how about your opinions? Stick a comment below, let me hear your thoughts on it.
Dark Artisan

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  1. I think washes are a good starting point for people that are new to painting models, me for example, as you can get an effective look with them without alot of skill. This is what you said and I agree with you. They are a good thing.