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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Still painting, still not updating, forgive me!

Not going to even say it anymore, I know your all sick of my excuses, Ive been busy, Il elave it at that.

What Have I been busy doing though...


Finishing off these beauties. The mournfangs are fantastic to paint, the footsoldiers (lead belchars, ironguts and bulls) are an absalute dream to get done. Golgfag, I think I'm in love, amazing painters model, proper display piece. The only things Ive got to finsh is the Ironblaster and the Firebelly, and both are diamonds to paint. The Firebelly has had problems with flame but I think Ive got it.

As I never go back on my word (yeah right), here are some pics of the commission:




Morunfang Cavalry:

Golgfag Maneater (a WIP shot, finished it after the photography):

Once this is finished, I'm on to dreadfleet and then dark eldar, once thats done, Necron army. Yep, I'm fully booked and probably dead by the end of this.

Hope you like my pics, feel free to comment on them, or comment on my tardiness in regards to updates on this.
Dark Artisan

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