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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Commissions and Games Day! Ahh how I love them both

Hi Guys, What up. After my recovery from games day I have decided to say about everthing.

Games Day:

Now, games day was quite good, while the more organised scrap daemon stopped me from grabbing any bitz, I did try the scenery building station, they let us create an arcane fulcrum, throwing out more and more frames as the time went on, I created a massive fulcrim (as I call it, Fulcrim Ultimartyr) using a large moonscape crater, putting parts of iron fence and bitz of building on it and placing the the stair part from dreadfire portal to make it look like it burst out from under a shrine, I then put the 8 pointed star on it, attached eternity stair to that star, then put a balewind vortex on that with an 8 pointed star on top, then put a second balewind vortex with 8 pointed star and finally stuck a throne on it. It measures just under 2' tall.

although there were a few parts that irritated me. for start there simply wasn't enough room. But then this is the first year that g-day totally sold out. So I put it own to inexperience. We could of done with a bigger area, I presume that GW will probably do this next year. Also, the sales stands for fore World and Black Library simply werent big enough. It was just a free for all push through or get crushed.

But Other than that I had lots of fun, I brought my first battalion and was even entered into a comp at my local store.


I have had so many commissions lately It is unreal. My Ogres are going smoothly (see pic below) the dark elves are being churned out a a good pace and Ive got another commission for a box game of Dreadfleet, as well as a possible tyranid army and some space wolves to paint. Anyway I might as well show you a few pics, as its been too long since I last sent you some pics.

This Is my Ogre Kingdoms army Deal test model. This One Includes Golgfag Maneater, A Firebelly, 6 bulls, 6 Ironguts, 4 Leadbelchers, 6 mournfang cavalry and an ironblaster. So Busy Busy.

Sadly I havent got any more pics of commissions for the time being, however I got a few pictures of my own models and I guess thats better than nothing.

Hope you like the pictures, feel free to comment if you want to
Dark artisan


  1. would love to see some more commission work!

  2. Hi Anon,
    Sorry I will try to get a camera to photograph up some models.

    I Will add a few more pictures in the future.

    Dark Artisan