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Friday, 23 December 2011

Merry christmas From the Dark Artisan

Merry Christmas! Its Dark Artisan here. While I haven't really updated very often I thought I would make a special effort for you all.

So, what have I been up to:

Commoragh Skorned:

Yep, Im painting a hordes army, specifically Skorne, now  gotta say this, the models are very detailed and look quite good, although (and I may have been spoiled by gw but still) some of the monsters skin seems unfeasibly smooth, like there's a rhino type monster and besides a few folds of skin on the neck where his head is turned, there is no definable detail. Another pointer is that as the models are all metal it makes gluing them together a real pain and a half as all the pieces are too heavy for the glue to hold them, so you end up holding them in lace for 15 minutes, inhibiting you from doing any other models. Ive never drilled and pinned before but I think I will have to because there is no way its staying together all the way to America. Overall though I think its an alright range, and when I meet with my friend after xmas Ill try to get some pics for the blog (I'm lazy and I don't own a camera, there!)

TK Studies:

Im Reaching the end of my search and I seem to of come to some interesting conclusions. But to stop all the nerd rage and people blasting me for either saying it exists (therefore calling me an idiot for believing it) or doesnt exist (therefore calling me a fool for not believing it). I'm going to stick with my knowledge about it all and never tell you all (oops...).


Yep, Ive painted the contents besides a few islands and a warship. Quite a detailed kit but in some areas it was quite badly done. For example the high elf ship had very little at all in the way of space and every surface had some sort of detail having to be painted a differant colour (which wouldnt go over each other, much to my anger) Another guilty ship of this over detail was the Heldenhammer, red o the cannon studded hulls, brass on the cannons. With its size its very easy to over paint the cannons red or the hull brass. AHHH!

Well its done now and Ive even got some low quality pics to show you of it:

Like I said these arent amazing quality pics but they are all I have picture wise.

More Ogre Pictures:

Now you probably are aware Ive had a big ogre kingdom deal thats now ended (because I finished the models), well as I didn't own a camera myself I decided to ask the customer to send in some pictures of the models just to show them off. This is what he sent, now bear in mind these were taken with a camera phone but I think there quite good.

Anyway, Ill be away on christmas so I wish you all a merry xmas and a happy new year!
Dark Artisan

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