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Saturday, 31 December 2011

A New year, A New year's resolution, a new camera and a newish commission done...

Hi Guys, Hope you all had a good Christmas! And You got everything you wanted. Now Ive got a few Thigns To say:

New years resolutions:

I know lots of people make these (and for the most part they last till February) so I thought I might Try this as well. My Resolution is to paint faster, update the blog more often, Paint my own budding ogre army (new year, new army :)) and finally, to photograph as much stuff as I can to post on here and the website gallery.

And On that Note, Ive got pictures for you all, kabalite warriors! Ive got some tidying up to do but It's practically done now.

These were all cropped and rotated but the computer delights in tormenting me so there back to normal :(
Hope you like them anyway!
Thank you and a Happy New Year to all!
Dark Artisan

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