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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sorceress, GW Exeter, Painting and Sleeping.

Sup Guys, Sorry I didnt post yesterday, was in exeter most of the day, while I was there I brought 2 of the new dark elves sorceress (I plan to turn one into a death hag). Just took a break from painting it as well. And it is a Dream to build and paint. The Hair Splits into 3 parts and gives us a lot of detail, the body is in 2 pieces, it comes with a textured base and the staff looks awesome. One thing that I thought was odd though was that the face was separate, but that may just be cause the hair is in 3 separate parts.

I should have an eBay listing up for it as soon as I can get it photographed which may not be for another 6 weeks.

I have to go now but just for the hell of it, here's a Dark Elf Shade Painted by me.
Sorry for the wait.
Dark Artisan.

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