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Friday, 22 July 2011

Review: Dark Eldar Razorwing Jetfighter

Hi Guys, Sorry this is late, I haven't really been home much. I'm going to do a my review on a unit that I se a lot in my dark eldar games; the Razorwing Jetfighter!


The Razorwing Jetfighter is one of 2 end all shooting tanks in the dark eldar army. It's slot is often taken by its bigger and more heavily armoured brother, the Voidraven Bomber. Now, I think the Voidraven is good, but it costs more in the long run as it doesn't come with missiles. Although It does have some extra armour, a s8 lance weapon a flyover bomb that does own but is one shot and if you don't kill the squad your probably dead and a choice of an extra missile that really rocks for elite units (implosion missile). Id say the Razorwing is underestimated but don't mistake that with thinking that the void raven is rubbish. Voidraven has its uses, everything has its place (barring mandrakes and the decapitator) in the army, use it outside that and It probably wont help you at all.


Thanks to Arial assault and supersonic the Razorwing is fast as hell, being able to love at cruising speed and fire everything or go full 36" without firing weapons. This makes them fast. It also allows them to move 12" and fire all weapons, giving you your 4+ cover save for speed. Thats Good!


In shooting, the Razorwing is king of the twilight dimensions. Its average range is 48" and its shortest range (assuming your swapping the twin splinter rifles for a splinter cannon) is 36", couple it with 12" you can move and still shoot your weapons. You get your 4 S6 AP5 large template missiles, your 2 dark lances, and your Splinter Cannon (take it!), that is going to hurt!Your Best Tactic is to gear them for anti infantry and team them with anti tank scourges or ravagers.


As with all Dark eldar vehicles, the razorwing jet fighter's like flying a cardboard box when it comes to armour. However it does have one ace up its sleeve. As I said earlier, it can move 12" and still fire all its weapons. That's invaluable because it means you can decimate an enemy unit, and laugh as you negate half the hits you get against you. Another thing you can do to make it more survivable is Night Shield (-6" range to any weapons fired at the Razorwing) and Flickerfields (5+ Invulnerable save against glancing and penetrating hits). Brilliant little tools that nobody should be without.

My Opinion, A very good "Tank" with lots of good points to it. I have used it lots and have been very successful with it. Although in my opinion Voidraven is better (experiences not just stats and pots cost) the Razorwing shouldn't be underestimated.

Thanks for Waiting Guys! Next week I'll do a review on the New Tomb Kings Army rules (Trying it using my Dark Elves as Proxies and borrowing the book from a friend).

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