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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Tacticia Day: Dark Elves Sorceress and Witch Elves


This is a powerful combination that should take down even the toughest monsters very quickly. But this only really depends on weather you've got Okhams mindrazor and the withering from the lore of shadow (swap the withering for the enfeebling foe against units). You also need a good sized unit of Witch elves (think 20 and your on your way) to make this work.

This tactic is usually used to mince monsters but could be put to work against Large Blocks of infantry with a good save and a highish toughness (5). Ill now go into how to make this tactic work:

Set up:

As I said last Wednesday, Dark elves have to have a plan, don't just plonk a unit of Corsairs without having a plan for the army. So Pick your targets. Go for your enemies big expensive monster (Giant, Hell pit abomination, Necrosphinx, Arachnarok Spider etc) or, if they're an army with very little monsters, set up to charge a large block of high toughness, well armoured troops and make sure you get the witch eves to charge it. Then, During the magic phase, Cast Okhams Mindrazor on them, and either The Withering (if monster) or Enfeebling Foe (if Big unit or monster I suppose) on the enemy unit. Now when Combat rolls around. Heads (or 1 big head) will Roll. As Okhams mindrazor allows you to use your leadership characteristic as your strength, your going to be wounding on 2+ unless your target is T7 or above. As you have got about 61 S8 attacks, not much will survive that. Also, you have still got poisoned attacks, which is never a bad thing. And On top of all that they have -4 to their armour save. I would be surprised if anything survived. Genuinely Surprised.

Watch Out for:

Now, it should be obvious but it might not be. But Witch Elves, with no armour save or ward save (wel, no ward save unless you buy a cauldron of blood) they will lose at least a few to shooting. The Best way to prevent this is to A) Take out any shooting units and war machines. B) keep to cover and C) get into combat as fast as you can. Another Thing to worry about is retaliation, if you do badly against a unit your going to be left with a huge unit in front of you about to hack your Witch elves to tiny chunks, and that's no fun (not for you anyway).

Lets Recap


Get a shadow wizard and a 20 woman unit of witch elves. Pick a big monster or large, well armoured, high toughness unit and charge your witch elves into them. Keep the Sorceress within 18" if possible, 36" if you can't do that. When Magic Comes around, Cast Mindrazor on your unit, and either The Withering or The Enfeebling Foe on the enemy unit/monster. Once Combat comes around, your 61 attacks, all at S8. Not Much is going to survive.

Useful Against:

  • Large, High Toughness, Good armour save units (Ironbreakers spring to mind)
  • Big Monsters (Necrosphinxes, Hell pits, High Elf Dragons and the like)

Watch Out for:

  • Shooting (war Machines, Handgunner regiments, Steam Tank)
  • Not killing lots of models in a large unit ( Leave too many and your witch elves will be torn apart by the retaliation.

Any questions, stick a comment below or email me at the address below my Blog's Name.

Dark Artisan

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