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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A thousand apologies, a Thunder wolf from Fenris and a question...

Again, I've been very busy lately sorting all my stuff out, so A Thousand apologies to anybody dsapointed by my lack of posts. But Ill make up for lost time by writing out tuesdays today. This one, is on space wolves:

It may suprise a few of you to know, I collect space wolves. I collect them simply because In my pinion at least, they are the most awesome non codex chapter out there, they haveso much cool stuff. Hot headed Newbies in power armour, elites riding wolves, a guy who throws his hammer, a dreadnought character who can lead your force and a pet wolves. Making them too awesome.

Heres my Tactic that I call, Flight of the wolfkin!


Fair warning, this set up will either need lots of proxying or a lot of converting from other box sets. But here goes. Get Canis wolfborn, he is expensive at 185 pts but he's damn effective. Another thing you need to get on top of that get 2  wolf units of 15. At 120 pts for 15, they're a bargin, and the only thing they fail on in comparison to your normal troop units is practically no save, but thats not too bad.


Put the 2 units of wlves about 8" apart, side by side with canis in the centre. Hug cover like its an old friend and make your way towards a large unit of elites such as 10 nobz or 10 terminators. Never run out in the open unless you can definatly charge them with everything youve got. Then assault and laugh as your opponent's golden goose is torn to shreads by the wolves.

Watch Out for:

For all the wolves that are everywhere, the thing to remember is that you have no armour save. And I don't care what other people say, but if enough people are firing at you, your army is going to be toast, there are a lot of people who will see Canis and want to kill him as well, so keep low and don't move unless you either have no chance of being shot or you can run to another part of cover. Another thing to think about is your own confidence, if you think "well I'm going to survive this, might as well", chances are that fate will respond with "that's what you think, but were doing things my way!"

Question Day: In your own opinion, whats the best Army (space marine chapter, chaos warband, dark eldar kabal etc)?

Now, When I started to write this question, it was the "what do you think's the best chapter" question that you hear every day. So I decided To Change it somewhat, Instead of just putting it on space marines, I extended it to all armies from both warhammer fantasy and 40k, so It covers space marine chapters, chaos warbands, Dark Eldar Kabals, Empire war detachments, Lizardmen temple cities and any other wierd or wonderful armies you could think of?

At First i thought It would be easy to answer myself, but then when I picked an all time faverote, I then thought "hmm, maybe its not as good as this one". So I changed it. But I had the same thoughts again, and again. So I edcided that instead of choosing one, Ill pick an army from several differant warhammer and 40k races and say on them:

  • Space Marines: Codex: Astral Knights. Non Codex: Space Wolves
  • Chaos Space Marines: Thousand Sons
  • Ork: Gold Toofs Klan
  • Dark Eldar: Kabal of the Obsidian Rose
  • Dark Elves: Host of the Basilisk
  • Tomb Kings: The Desert Phalanx of King Osiris the Cheated
  • Warriors of Chaos: Luthers Everchanging horde
  • Vampire counts: The Vengeance Horde of Amelia Johannis

But What about you?, what are your Favourite armies and Why not say why as well?
Dark Artisan

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