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Friday, 5 August 2011

Unit Review: Dark Elves Black Dragon (and the dreadlord riding it); Websites; prices; and Ogres

Hi guys, sorry I missed a few days this week, I've been really busy lately. This ones about a unit that I used yesterday and Is quick becoming my Favorite, the Dark elves Dreadlord and his black dragon.

Reasons why I like them:

Because they are just awesome in every way possible and its also a break from the norm with my lists (I usually have a level 4 wizard as my army general, too squishy if I'm honest). It also allows me to come up with a cool name for him and his mount, as I play themed lists that is important (I can't play an army that I cant come up with names for my units and characters) so I call me Dreadlord Maliarnus Bloodheart riding his great mount Khaldropath the black.

Combat Effectiveness

Now, on to combat effectiveness: The main reason people buy it, its brilliant!last battle I streamlined my dreadlord and gave him heavy armour, a lance, a shield and a sea dragon cloak and stuck him on his dragon. and he was amazing. The game was against Orcs and Goblins and I first set my black dragon riding lord against an orc warboss riding wyvern with some magic item that gives the warboss +d3 toughness, heavy armour and a shield. I had a higher initiative cause I went first, so i first set about stabbing the warboss off his wyvern, slaying himinstantly, with the warboss taken care of, my black dragon clawed the wyvern but didnt breath fire on him, and he inflicted 2 wounds. The Wyvern Ran and I chased him to the ground.

After that I charged a unit of black orcs in the rear, this time breathing fire as well as everything else, killing 14 models in total and only the dreadlord lost 2 wounds, bringing him down to 1 wound. After which the game ended and I won a crushing victory! Hurrah!

A lot of the army was useless thanks to fanatics and those squigs (witch elves were wiped out and that) and the best shooting I got was when I eliminated a bolt thrower with my bolt thrower.

The Model:

While at this moment in time I al just using a base to proxy him, another reason to include him in your army is the model, now, it is sweet as! A friend of mine has 1 and he let me look at the frames, and I will tell you now, it is perhaps my Favorite model in the dark elves army.

Seriously a dread lord on a black dragon is a god of a model both rules wise and cosmetically.

In other news...

New website:

I have nearly finished up my website, as soon as I can get some more photos taken I will launch it and everyone can get more information on my business idea's.

New Prices:

I've decided to change my prices, I've now figured out a formula for how I'm going to do this, the formula's though, are on the website and as Soon as I set it up I'll show you, trust me! If you want me to paint in the meantime, drop me an email at the address at the top of my blog and I will be more than happy to work it out with you.

New armies:

A few weeks back I asked about a new army, and which 1 should I start, and Iv tried some of the armies, but sadly most of them are too complicated, too horde or the models don't appeal to me as far as making an army for myself goes. I was talking to a friend and I decided that Ogre Kingdoms may be the way to go, I'm going to wait for the army book and models to see for sure.

Anyway, Thanks for your patience everybody.
Dark Artisan.

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