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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Its all good news now! Games Day and Commission Frenzy.

Hi Guys, Its me! Back posting a day before my coach trip to Birmingham. And Before I go I just wanna do a bit of blogging (thats not a real word) before on what ive been up to since saturday (or was it sunday)


Guys, Its all kicked off now! Ive got a load of commissions. Well, Is ay loads, Ive got 1 deal for a unit of 5 raptors, 1 for 5 Wolf guard Terminators, another deal including 20 dark elves spearmen, 20 corsairs and 20 witch elves, and a deal for a moderate to large Ogre Army (cant comment on size until army builder release the latest Warhammer fantasy update) which includes a battalion, golgfag maneater, a firebelly, an ironblaster and 6 mournfang cavalry models! on top of that Ive got promises of more work if I do well. I should Have a few pictures of these models over the weekend (a friend is photographing while I'm away). best Get Cracking then!

Games Day:

Only Tomorrow! Only Tomorrow! I'm so excited! Got to get an early night as I have to get up about half 3:45 to drive to Exeter to catch the coach. This is going to be one hell of a good time. Im going to enter golden daemon (dont stand a chance), talk with the eavy metal team for some painting tips, nab bitz from the scrap daemon at the end and of course run around hectically seeing all the coming soon stuff. This promises to be one of the best days of my life!

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