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Saturday, 17 September 2011

First Commission Job! Stupid Paypal...

Hi Guys, Guess who got their first large scale commission. Thats Right! The Dark Artisan has got a customer. First up is Dark Elves, in a purple and gold scheme. I have to paint up 32 dark elf warriors, 20 corsairs and 20 witch elves, and I get about £70!

However, I did this through ebay. The Money was paid into my account, and now ebays holding all the money until I post the models. Which I cant do until I get access to the money to buy the models to send off. I'm in a total rut. So, now what?

I had an idea for sending an e-voucher so that I get the money to buy the models and then I can send the army to them. But Right now I cant contact the seller. The Whole operation is in paradox right now.

But Anyway, I'm happy I've got my first commission job, with this I should be able to advertise myself better and then go onto be better known.

Any clues what I should d to bypass my paypal troubles why not stick a comment below?
Dark Artisan

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